The Final Word on Challenging Claims

Payment recovery support for hospitals

The Final Word on Challenging Claims

Payment recovery support for healthy hospitals

Challenging claims made simple

Highly specialized intelligence & technology

Empowerment for sustainable financial health

Hospitals face the competing pressures of nonpayments and increasingly higher standards of care.

We understand. This is why we offer support for revenue integrity and challenging claims to empower hospitals to fight for your patients, not your payments.


We run your revenue cycle and claims files through our proprietary discovery system. We gather information needed to customize the support we provide.


Target areas that need our arsenal of expert insight and technology, finding lost revenue and arming you to advance your revenue cycle.


Revenue cycle leaders are equipped to increase revenue which allows hospitals to focus on patients.


Although you are held accountable for it all, having the help of specialists will ensure you accomplish it all


Underpayment Identification & Recovery

Increase revenues, mitigate trends in underpayments and strengthen payer agreements

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Denials Prevention & Recovery

Identify trends in denials, increase return on internal efforts, and recover full payments

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Improve your work flow, increase auto claims payments, and focus on the other 97% of your revenue

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Workers’ Compensation

Reverse trends in declining reimbursements and improve your financial health and the health of those you serve

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The Revecore Standard

Definitive Source

No rock is unturned, no corner hidden. We simplify even the most sophisticated strategies payers use for payment avoidance.

Unmatched Intelligence

Our vast collective intelligence of experience and data arms you for inevitable revenue growth.

Peerless Technologies

The full-force of our Proprietary Technology will be used to support your revenue cycle goals.

Hospitals deserve to get paid for the services they provide

We come alongside you to help you avoid:

  • Missed opportunities for hidden sources of revenue
  • Denial pitfalls
  • Decreasing margins
  • Distractions from challenging claims
  • On-going trends in underpayments