Our Expertise is Your Secret Weapon

We gather the most specialized experts to identify and recover lost reimbursement, because capturing your rightful revenue is at the core of everything we do.

Our Expertise is Your Secret Weapon

We gather the most specialized experts to identify and recover lost reimbursement, because capturing your rightful revenue is at the core of everything we do.

Underpayments & Denials

Revenue optimization and root-cause analysis are at the center of every service we provide. Bottom Line Systems delivers industry-leading results through hands-on revenue recovery that leverages our arsenal of collective intelligence and data science tools. Each claim gets the precise attention it requires from our expert analysts. Doing so, we support our client’s current and ongoing recoveries so they can capture full value for the services they provide.

Auto & Workers’ Comp

Complex claims may get in the way of hospitals getting paid everything they are owed, but that can be easily managed with the right help. Medical Reimbursements of America arms clients with data insights, highly-specialized experience and the results of our proprietary technology that helps them maximize revenue associated with accident claims. Because, when it comes to a hospital’s revenue, every dollar matters.


Challenging claims made simple

Underpayment Identification & Recovery

As reimbursement methodologies become more complex and full payment a less frequent occurrence, the demand for expertise around challenging claims increases.

Rather than risking the dilution of its focus and impact across the entire revenue cycle, BLS|Revecore dives deep into the underpayment domain and brings together its specialized expertise and custom technology to help you collect dollars that would have otherwise gone unrecovered.  Doing so helps you increase your revenue and identify valuable insights to strengthen the effectiveness of your operation.

  • 800+ algorithms and underpayment queries
  • More than $1.5 Billion collected since 2000
  • Recovered more than $250,000,000 for clients in the past 12 months

Denials Prevention & Recovery

Mounting denials force hospitals to do more with less.

With 20 years of actionable data and intelligence built by tracking payer behavior in our arsenal, you will have access to insights and best-in-class strategies that perform gap analysis to identify fail points within the claim cycle, develop comprehensive corrective action plans, and assist in recovery efforts. Partnering with BLS|Revecore and our state-of-the-art technology, you can improve cash flow and bolster KPI performance; all while maintaining control and keeping the core of your revenue cycle in-house.

  • Industry-leading root cause analytics & reporting
  • Dual approach with recovery rates of 70% and a 43% average overall denial reduction
  • Over 400 Analysts, Nurses, Certified Coders, Data Scientists, and Legal Experts


Hospitals spend a disproportionate amount of time and resources dedicated to the recovery of complex auto claims that only represent a fraction of your budget.

Fueled by more than 20 years of experience, our collective intelligence and payer data alongside AcciClaim™, MRA’s proprietary technology, give you the actionable insight you need so you can improve your workflow, increase your auto claim payments, and focus on the other 97% of your revenue.

  • No-cost, upfront ROI assessment to predict financial lift
  • More than $3.5 Billion collected since 2000
  • Average ROI for customers nationwide is 350%

Workers’ Compensation

Historically, up to 12% of workers’ comp claims are underpaid.

MRA|Revecore manages claims for fast and accurate payment verification and recovery with unmatched results — over 90% claims paid — so that your hospital reverses the trends in declining reimbursements and your financial health keeps your efforts focused on the health of those you serve.

  • 100% of paid claims undergo line item verification for accurate payment
  • More than 3 Million claims processed since 2000
  • Insurer identified within 3 days on 70% of claims

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